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##AWGN4U 24/7 :: All Conquest Maps 1000 (

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Team Elevate Teamspeak 3 Voice server. Provided by AusWarfare as part of a sponsorship agreement.


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The official Auswarfare Gaming Network Public Teamspeak.


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Team Chosen's official teamspeak server provided by as part of the sponsorship agreement.


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SOF2 Reunion Night - 2017: Would also be interested, not sure if any of you remember me from the good old days. -Hamsters
Why have all the good gaming communities died???: yeah its very disappointing. Nothing is like how it use to be with the older style games. Now its just about pumping out title a...
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Hello: Quote from: willieruffin on December 16, 2016, 06:57:18 PMHello Everyone. G'day mate, nice to see a new face around here!

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