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General Discussion / zombie night??
« on: August 22, 2012, 08:54:23 PM »
any chance guys of a zombie night this saturday?

Announcements / AusWarfare Tournament Excellence Award!
« on: August 17, 2012, 09:07:44 PM »
After much debate, the recipient of the award for campaign 1 will be . . . .


congrats colour!

edit: this will be assigned as soon as the new campaign starts

Announcements / The New Admins
« on: August 17, 2012, 07:36:24 PM »
big thank you to everyone who voted!

Congratulations to both Gregws and Predict on becoming the newest admins for our community.

also thankyou to Colour for being such a great sport!

Announcements / VOTE FOR ADMINS!!!
« on: August 15, 2012, 08:14:27 PM »
everyone has 2 votes as there are 2 admin positions available.

Lerroy has decided to stay on as admin 

good luck everyone!!


Announcements / Current campaign and Nominations for Admin & Generals
« on: August 12, 2012, 04:24:42 PM »
Firstly, thank you for everyone for turning up and playing our first campaign.

Today it was decided by the admins and a general meeting of people (about 13 top players and hco's) that the current campaign has run its course and to continue on will only be to the detriment of the tournament.

Therefore 6 Jihad have won the campaign.   Thankyou to all HCO's (predict, deadpell and dogmanslayer) and company captains who dedicated their time.

Some of the Admin Positions have become vacant as of now (formie and myself stepping down but i will continue to help the new batch of admins into their roles)  So Nominations for Admins RIGHT NOW and  will be opened for 3 days (from sunday 8pm until wednesday 8pm).  please pm Mother any nominations (you may nominate yourself or another person).

once they nomination period has ended we will post a poll for everyone to vote on who they want. this will last 3 days also (wednesday 8pm until saturday 8pm)

Also Generals are open RIGHT NOW!!!! this will be open until saturday.  you can nominate yourself and another person by pm'ing Mother.  ALSO note that if a player has been a HCO in the last campaign they cannot be nominated for this one.  this gives them a well deserved break!

In the general meeting held today a few things were discussed for revision:

1   the breaks will be changed from what they are now to  1/4 and 3/4 time 10mins and half time to 15 mins.
     also if you don't want to be shot in these breaks please stay in the non cap, but everyone is able to be   
     shot/shoot if out of the non cap.

2   the campaign will be shortened to 4-5 weeks.

3   clan tags can be left on until the end of the round THEN changed in the break

4   the gentleman's agreement of leaving a flag for the enemy will be put into ruling.  one flag on each map   
     will be not capped.  therefore no team should ever be capped out.

The new campaign will start on the 1st of September and the armies facing off will be Russia Vs. Britain.

once again thankyou to everyone involved

General Discussion / battle maps: flags
« on: July 23, 2012, 08:45:44 PM »
please vote guys as we would really need your input!!!!!

General Discussion / sportsmanship and "how we roll"
« on: July 20, 2012, 11:39:25 PM »
I thought i would share some thoughts since the last battle night.

In past tournaments and campaigns it is common place for emotions to run high and people to take to heart what is happening.  Recently a few people have "rage quit" or "spat the dummy".

I think that everyone who plays/competes in the tournament environment should be competitive BUT also mindful of those around them trying to have a good night.

Before you quit, please think of the following

1/  the admins choice rounds (usually the first map played on the battle night) are used as a tie breaker in the event of a draw.

2/ 5 points are awarded for each side of the players choice map and only if 1 game each is won will the admin map count towards the campaign.

and lastly

3/  the games are just that - games.

while i say all these things, i understand how frustrating some battles are going to be (having been a player in multiple rolls over multiple campaigns), and if you are getting frustrated then tell your Captain/HCO and step away.  Have a coffee/drink/smoke then come back and kick butt!!!

Remember that this tournament is supposed to be about having fun shooting your mates on the other side and working together with those on your side.   Also nothing but bragging rights are on the line so in the grand scheme of things if you do happen to lose a round/night it isn't the end of the world.

anyways enough rant for now


Announcements / News for Campaign - week 1
« on: July 10, 2012, 11:19:25 PM »
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Announcements / News for Campaign - Video
« on: July 03, 2012, 07:06:32 PM »
The initiative battle

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

General Discussion / need volunteers for friday/saturday
« on: June 28, 2012, 08:10:35 PM »
hi everyone

for a project i am working on i need about 6 volunteers for about an hour on either friday or saturday.  evening would be better but saturday through the day may also work!

i need people who are willing to do exactly what is required at exactly the right time

the footage would be used for promotional work.

thanks in advance


General Discussion / Congratulations ghostie!!!
« on: June 26, 2012, 10:13:04 AM »

ghostie and his partner kylie had a little girl this morning!

her name is kaylia (beautiful!!)

congrats ghostie and kylie!!

our online family grows again  ;D

Tournament Rules / Forum rules
« on: June 22, 2012, 11:56:32 AM »

The AWT community has a Zero Tolerance for certain member behavior both in general and on the forums

In addition, repeated breaches of any rule by a member can also attract a “Player Strike” being issued
In cases where such breaches occur, the following actions can/will be taken at the admins.

The post or thread may be deleted, regardless of whether or not the rest of the post or thread is "valid" and without notice to the member
A Player strike may be issued
The members account may be suspended for a period of time, ranging from 24 hours to a permanent ban.

Swearing or Foul Language
~ All posts and threads should be kept to a “PG Rating” given that we have players from all nationalities and ages within the     
~ All posts and threads should be kept on topic and hijacking threads is not on
~ All Posts and threads should be of a constructive nature
~ Keep all posts in the appropriate sections i.e. tournament issues should not be posted with the public area, team related issues   
    should be kept with the regimental areas

As to what is considered to be foul language can be hard to determine and as such the general consensus is that we us the term "PG Rated" by this we mean keep it at the same level as you would expect to see in a PG rated movie.

This does not mean that you can openly use swear words and any member of the community that does so on a regular basis will see action being taken by the administration team.

Words like "crap", "damn", etc., are not considered swear words

Personal Attacks
~ Abuse, insults and personal attacks directed at other people, are unacceptable.
~ If you disagree with someone on some point, please do not resort to name calling or personal attacks, rather argue the merits of
   their points. You don't have to call people names to get your point across
~ Any personal attacks directed at a player via PM will result in “Player Strikes” being issued
~ Abuse, insults and personal attacks directed at other people, particularly other site users, or community admins and HCO’s, are     
   unacceptable. There is no grey area in what is a personal attack - it is when a negative statement is directed towards another

Inappropriate Content

~ Sex and sexual acts
~ Violence, acts of cruelty or degradation involving any human or animal
~ Extreme, dangerous or illegal behaviour
~ Content that is of an adult only nature

Illegal Content or Activities

~ All posts and threads should not contain links to or discussion about illegal acts and or software etc.
~ All posts and threads should not contain discussion around obtaining illegal software, music, movies, TV shows, other media, etc
~ Discussion of illegal activities be they criminal or civil is unacceptable.

Trolling and/or Baiting

~ Posts and threads that are aimed at trying to get a negative response from another member is unacceptable.
~ Posts and threads that are gloating and non-constructive in nature that are deemed to be aim at trolling or baiting are

Trolling is the activity of a person who posts in a manner such as to incite controversy, conflict, cause annoyance or offence. Trolling is unacceptable.
Baiting is the activity of a person who posts in a manner such as to try and get a negative response from another member is unacceptable.

Spamming and/or Self Advertising

~ Posts and threads that are about selling a service or product you may offer are unacceptable
~ Marketing messages/ads are unacceptable both in threads/posts or PM’s
~ Posts and threads that are of a non-constructive nature and totally off topic are to be considered as spam

Cross Posting or Double Posts

~ Posting the same or similar threads in the same or multiple forums is unacceptable and will be treated as spam
~Double posts with the aim of trying to get your point across is unacceptable

We acknowledge that the nature of the forum script may at times give double posts and as such members should delete or edit the extra post

Copyrighted Material

~ Posting material that is subject to copyright without permission to do so is unacceptable
~ Reference should be given to any sources and copyrights that may be in place
~ Give credit where credit is due. Acknowledge the original author or source of any material you may post
~ Do not claim someone else’s work as yours.

Copyright breach is a massive issue and as such we need to aim to be original and or pay credit where credit is due and DO NOT SHARE ANYTHING THAT IS PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT

User Avatars

~ Tournament Members are required to use the official squad avatars that are approved by admins
~ The use of external avatars is not allowed
~ If you wish to use a custom avatar instead set it as your profile picture NOT AS YOUR AVATAR
~ Any avatars that are not approved will be removed and if the player re-adds them they will be warned if it happens again they
    will receive a "Player Strike"

Avatars are used to identify your squad within the forums and as such anything other than the official avatar will not be allowed

Forum Signatures

~ Are not to include a message intending to disrupt the peace and harmony of the community
~ May not include text or images that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-orientated, hateful, threatening, racist, sexist, discriminatory,
   and/or otherwise violates of any local or international laws or any other forum rule
~ Are not to have promotional advertising within them
~ May have no more than 2 external links (links to sites outside of AWT)
~ May include one stats image and link and are not to exceed
~ May contain approved community user bars posted in the approved forum user bar area
Must not exceed to following sizes;

     - Maximum Height:  200 pixels
     - Maximum Width:  600 pixels
     - Maximum File Size:  75 KB

The AussieWarfare Tournaments may change these rules at any time (with community involvement and feedback)

Tournament Rules / FAQ
« on: June 21, 2012, 04:54:59 PM »
So just what is the Aussie Warfare Tournaments all about?

Aussie Warfare Tournaments is an organized and structured online tournament that involves two sides: the Coalition and the Opposition fighting for control over a designated map. Each side is represented by an 'Army' that changes each campaign. Aussie Warfare Tournaments has its own private battle server, its own private TeamSpeak server, and each side is provided their own private forums on this site. When players register to play they will be placed into one of the two sides and will remain as part of that force for the entire campaign. Campaigns usually last around eight to ten weeks. Players will be given access to their side's private forums. In these forums players will learn the various schedules, trainings, certifications, strategies, passwords, and all necessary information needed to be a full active member of Aussie Warfare Tournaments.

Is this like a clan?

No, Aussie Warfare Tournaments is not a clan. We do not rely on any external organizations, ladders, clubs, or groups for this tournament. AusBF3 Campaign Tournament has its own schedule, servers, administrators, forums, and armies; everything needed to run independently and entirely on its own. Individuals and members of clans are welcomed to join, but we do ask that on our servers you use your armies tags.  ie [2REC]

What are the two sides?

The name of each Army change every campaign and each campaign we endeavor to have a different General running them.

 How do these two sides fight each other?
Aussie Warfare Tournaments use Battlefield 3 PC version. Currently battles are five hours long, 7PM EST to 12PM EST. The timeline is anywhere from eight to ten weeks, but are subject to change and sometimes include any holiday breaks.

Do i have to worry about my KDR or Unlocks?
No, the battle night and the training sessions will be run as unranked and password protected so you can muck around and train as hard as you want with your team mates and not have to worry about dying.

Do I have to pay anything to join Aussie Warfare Tournaments?
During beta campaigns the Aussie Warfare Tournaments is free to join. While under a regular campaign players can still join for free, but players can donate to help pay for servers and forum expenses. We do not charge for any of our services.

What are the requirements to join Aussie Warfare Tournaments?

Players must have own a legitimate PC copy of the Battlefield 3 game with a legitimate serial key. A headset or a microphone and speakers are required to use TeamSpeak 3. Active forum participation is required as well. Having fun is of the utmost importance.

Why do I need a microphone? What is TeamSpeak?

Aussie Warfare Tournaments takes PC Battlefield 3 to a new level of online play. Each side must communicate within their teams effectively. TeamSpeak is a very simple, yet flexible Voice-Over-IP (VOIP) software program that enables you to communicate via a microphone to your teammates. TeamSpeak is free to download. Find it here at this link
Having speakers and a microphone (or a headset) as well as downloading and using TeamSpeak is a requirement of the tournament.

How often do these Armies(teams) fight each other, and for how long?
Official battle day is every Saturday (unless posted otherwise, e.g. due to holiday). The battles start at 7PM Eastern Standard Time (GMT+10) and are five hours long.

Wow! five hours! Do I have to play the entire time?

Players can play as much as they wish to. Some players can hammer out more than five hours while others can only put in two hours.  Just post in your forum area what your commitment can be.

How are the two sides organized/structured?
Each side has their own organizational structure as established by their High Commanding Officers (HCOs). Each is broken down into several companies that has its own COs (Commissioned Officers), NCOs (Non Commissioned officers), and enlisted troops.

Do I have to follow the orders of higher ranking players?

To achieve the level organization we strive for here, it is important that orders be followed and carried out.

How can I advance my rank?

Participation is crucial. Show up for practices and battles, take part in discussions on the forums, hang out on the TeamSpeak server, and get to know your officers. Doing these minor tasks will get you started. A player's qualities as a leader, is a little more of complicated issue.

Do the battles victories count toward something, like a clan ladder?

Yes, but not quite like a clan ladder. Each battle is part of a larger campaign for campaign points. Battle outcomes also have an impact on future battles.

What does the winning team get at the end of a campaign?

Bragging rights on forums and on teamspeak, well until the next campaign begins!!

What's a sig?

Sig is short for signature. A signature is the small area at the bottom of forum posts. They are an identifier of who a player is. Some members have images and text to show who they are, and others have their past position with the names.

To keep the forums a bit organized and clean the current signature rules state that:

    All signatures have to obey the following size rules:
    Maximum Height: 200 pixels
    Maximum Width: 600 pixels
    Maximum File Size: 75 KB

How do I know what to do during battle?

Every good Army has a strategy they stick to (doesn't always stay the same though). Strategies will be created by your HCOs and battle orders will be communicated down the ranks to the troops. These will be your battle orders. They usually include where to spawn, what vehicle you have access to, and what your objectives are: such as taking over a specific point or defending a location.

Is this a very competitive tournament? Is the atmosphere cut-throat?

Aussie Warfare Tournaments stresses teamwork, strategy, organization, friendship, and fun. The members here take playing the game in the campaign very seriously. They came to Aussie Warfare  Tournaments looking for organization and to get away from the chaos and anarchy that takes place in the public servers.  At the same time, lifelong friendships are made and on non-battle days, many members will go "pubbing" to have fun and practice teamwork (they will jump on a public server). At other times many members just hang out on our TeamSpeak server.

Ok, I'm interested, where do I go to sign up?

The steps to join are given here:;n=2

Announcements / campaign start date
« on: June 19, 2012, 11:27:40 AM »
we start the war on the 7th July @ 7 pm.

« on: June 18, 2012, 08:13:46 PM »
unfortunately the pm that went out to everyone did not have a day on it (ooops  :-[)

it is actually on wednesday night

thanks everyone

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