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##AWGN4U 24/7 :: All Conquest Maps 1000 (

AWGN - Hardcore Mode - VOTE MAP!


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Team Elevate | Sponsored by

Team Elevate Teamspeak 3 Voice server. Provided by AusWarfare as part of a sponsorship agreement.


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The official Auswarfare Gaming Network Public Teamspeak.


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Team Chosen's official teamspeak server provided by as part of the sponsorship agreement.


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June 3rd Battlefield 4 Patch. The patch to address netcode issues.: you may have better luck on more gaming-specific communities. The gaming threads here are not as active I remember them being in...
New Theme, New Logo. A New Face for AWGN: THANK YOU DEVSCould we get one small tweak to the new map for a few days? Increasing the chance of a map being created on it? We...

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