AWGN has your End Game Coverage Tonight.

Topic: AWGN has your End Game Coverage Tonight. Read 1947 times

AWGN has your End Game Coverage Tonight.
on: March 12, 2013, 06:37:06 PM

AWGN will be providing full coverage for the End Game Premiere tonight. Also don't forget to jump on our Teamspeak ( to get social this End Game Premiere.

AU | #1 End Game Premiere 64 slot server will be running a rotation of each End Game map with a variety of CTF and Conquest Large.

AU | #3 Air Superiority Premiere 24 slot server will be strictly running the much anticipated Air Superiority game mode running each map from the expansion.

So to for-fill your End Game cravings, AWGN has full coverage! Just search for 'AusWarfare' in your server list. See you there..

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