9th June 2014
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With some slight refinements of the old metro vista theme, i've introduced a slightly improved version of the older theme. Originally the tweaks was just to improve the drop-down navigation menu, however i've added quite a few smaller improvements across the board to it as well, so i thought it deserved it's own theme.

Like the minor improvements? Yay or nay

4th June 2014
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 With the reality of the Community Test Environment, which allows players to test and discuss updates to the game, before it ships to the retail version of the game. DICE have been working on and have announced that they have released a new patch for BF4 regarding netcode issues. One of the standout features that have been announced is the High Frequency Network update selection in your gameplay settings. This controls how quickly your game client is updated in both directions, giving less leway to hit registration issues. From what we gathered from CTE, the game has been updated to support a maximum tickrate of "30Hz" 30 times per second, previously this was only set to "10hz" a mere 10 times per second, The new High frequency update setting directly controls this.

By default the High Frequency update is set to LOW. To take advantage of the new tickrate benefits, you must either set this to MEDIUM or HIGH too see an improvement, this is recommended to people who have better internet connections (at least 1MBit upload and download). However people with lower bandwidth connections, should reduce the setting to achieve a more stable network environment.

Here is there patch notes DICE have released today.

DICE have released a small video showing the improvement in network responsiveness with the new game client patch.

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MooojiuDRgw" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MooojiuDRgw</a>

31st May 2014
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With Battlefield being only over 7 months old, EA have announced the next in the Battlefield franchise.  Battlefield Hardline. Hardline which has yet to be shown at E3 this june, this iteration of battlefield looks like its taking a step away from the more so of a "Battlefield simulator" to a more action thriller, movie style, cops and robbers theme.

While there is no more information on whats exactly going to be present in the game, or how different it will be to Battlefield 4, the game will be more revealed at E3 this june.

The Trailer!

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iu1I_Supvc8" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iu1I_Supvc8</a>

31st March 2014
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DICE have released the Naval Strike DLC which was Due out for PC players on the 25th of March, however it was postponed due to technical issues with the release at the time. To get in on the Action, AWGN will be running Two 64 Slots servers running the new DLC maps for the premiere! Check out our servers page for more information.

Along with the New DLC, DICE have included a large list of tweaks and bug fixes within the game. Heres the full list released by DICE below.

24th March 2014
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At the Game Developers Conference (GDC) Microsoft have announced their next iteration of gaming API, Direct X 12. The new Direct X 12 is built from the ground up, it's a whole new system. The spoken advantages of the new Direct X version will be increased performance for users. This will be done by executing command streams directly from the GPU, reducing CPU overhead. It will also be multi-thread capable, prior Direct X versions weren't restricting the Direct X CPU load to be only offloaded to 1 core, rather than using the users extra cores available.

The great news about the new API, DirectX 12 will currently be compatible with DirectX 11 graphics cards, so most users will be able to take advantage of this new API. However we don't know if some of the older Direct X 11 cards will be exempt from being able to utilize the new API.

The new API will be created for mobile devices as well. The advantages for mobile devices will be reduced battery usage, while providing faster and better quality game than before. In Essence, Direct X 12 is mainly focusing on providing making rendering gaming images so much more efficient. I do believe they have moved this way in light of what AMD have done when they introduced Mantle.

22nd March 2014
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 Naval Strike is set to be due this Tuesday on the 25th of March for premium members (around the evening sometime for us Aussies), so DICE have released images with detail insights on each of the new stunning maps. They have released the Official trailer for the DLC, showing up parts of the new maps, and also the really good vehicles that will premiere in the DLC. The expansion will be coming with 4 new DLC's Lost Islands, Nansha Strike, Wave Breaker and Operation Mortar.

Lost Islands

Starting with Lost Islands, this map focuses around a crashed airplane located near the center of the map. The map itself contains several small islands surrounding the crash site that can be traversed using quad bikes around the whole map, or by using boats (including the new hovercraft) to take shortcuts across it. The key to master this map is to control the plane at the crash site, which can be blown open to give infantry some much needed cover. Another special area of this map is the cave blanketed by a waterfall, as it provides visual cover for patrolling boats and helicopters.

Nansha Strike

Nansha Strike is a very boat heavy map with several bases spread out in the water to battle it out on, while at the same time allowing total infantry control of the middle areas. The central area provides a lot of cover for infantry and is a death trap for water vehicles if they try to enter it via the small rivers. The surrounding bases can be captured from the water, with some offering big bases in the middle of the sea for infantry. This is where the more powerful vehicles spawn, which makes them key to own and control.

Wave Breaker

Operation Mortar

Operation Mortar is our vacation paradise turned into a war zone, with wooden huts surrounding the islands. There is an old fort on the top of the mountain, which provides a great overview over the whole map. It also gives the team owning it a fast way to capture the other bases on the main island. In Rush, this levels starts from the bottom of the islands and goes up towards the fort, providing interesting and fun vertical gameplay which will provide a big challenge for attackers.

Now for the official video trailer of the new Naval Strike DLC

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2X8oGy4G7tM" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2X8oGy4G7tM</a>

7th March 2014
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An extensive patch addressing quite a number of issues and balancing tweaks in the game. While some of these patch notes do look familiar, the one that do look familiar, where simply just 'future' updates. well now those have finally been put into action. Anyway here are the changes.
-Increased the number of M84 FLASHBANG and HAND FLARES the player can carry from 2 to 3.
-Increased the effect of M84 FLASHBANG grenades on friendly and enemy players.
-Increased the maximum damage for the RGO from 67 to 80, however reduced the range of explosion.
-Reduced the visual and audio effect for the detonation of the V40 Mini to highlight its smaller blast when compared to other grenades. Decreased the maximum damage from 80 to 60, and decreased the range at which maximum damage is applied.


-Increased the aimed accuracy of the M1911 to make it a viable choice once the COMPACT 45 has been unlocked.
-Increased the close range damage of the M1911, QSZ-92, FN57, CZ-75 and COMPACT 45.
-Reduced the delay between pressing the trigger and the bullet firing for the M412 REX and .44 MAGNUM.
-Increased the magazine capacity of the QSZ-92 to 20 rounds. Additionally reduced the recoil of the QSZ-92 to give it a clear difference from the FN57.
-Corrected a small error with the COMPACT 45 accuracy when crouched or prone.


7th March 2014
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Just shortly after the Second Assault DLC was released for PC players, DICE have revealed the next iteration of BF4 expansions packs to all platforms, Battlefield 4 : Naval Strike. The new DLC is really focuses on water based combat, with all new maps based in the South China Sea. We will be seeing new weapons, gadgets, the very cool amphibious hovercraft vehicle.

Like every other expansion pack, there will be 4 new maps, Lost Islands, Nansha Strike, Operation Mortar & Wave Breaker. All new maps provide beautiful visuals enhanced by the beautiful Frostbite 3.0 engine.

Quote from: DICE explanation of the new Carrier Assault gamemode

The new DLC will be available end of March for premium users. Who will get a 2 week exclusive access to the DLC. So stay tuned for the release.

28th February 2014
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 DICE have officially announced the addition of Platoons to Battlefield 4 after months of waiting from the premiere of Battlefield 4 itself back in October last year. In a nutshell, DICE have described what platoons are about and what they allow us to do
  • The ability to create and join a Platoon for up to 100 members.
  • Basic Platoon management such as inviting, applying, and promoting/demoting members.
  • A private and public Platoon feed, where you can communicate and coordinate.
  • A Platoon emblem and tag that all members can easily apply.
  • The ability to earn stats for your Platoon and rank it up, and see all the matches you played together.
We have opened up AWGN's platoon for everyone to stay easily connected as a group for our Battlefield 4 members. At the moment, Platoon Emblem seems it will need to be recreated, as I don't think DICE have allowed us to import previously made emblems. So stay tuned.
To join visit our Official Platoon Page and join today!

18th February 2014
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Today Second Assault has been released, so AWGN is providing coverage for the Second Assault Premiere. The server will be running Conquest Large, with votemap plugin disabled, so every map can get the love they deserve evenly. So what are you waiting for! Join now!

Oh and umm, poll time! How do you like Second Assault Maps? Give us your feedback!

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