Gaming under a new name. Welcome to the Auswarfare Gaming Network.

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As the admins have discussed, we have been overwhelmed by how well Auswarfare Tournaments took off thanks to all people who participated and made it happen. So we have decided to make it official and 'Game Under a New Name' the Auswarfare Gaming Network to expand our gaming target audiences and expand what we can provide as a gaming community. We will still keep the AWT - Auswarfare Tournments alive as a separate franchise of the Auswarfare Gaming Network community, and will continue to operate better than ever before.

With the name change we plan on expanding our horizons, by not just providing a gaming community for battlefield 3 but by providing the following;
  • Up to date gaming news and events.
  • Favourite and essential gaming download cache for the latest and greatest files.
  • Support for Multiple gaming events for different gaming audiences.
  • An exclusive gaming portal for many.
And many more new and great things to come. So embrace the change!


Re: Gaming under a new name. Welcome to the Auswarfare Gaming Network.
Reply #1 on: September 07, 2012, 10:03:32 PM
As stated above. Over the next few weeks/months there will be some changes coming to the website to support our new main goal of AWGN. We are quite excited to move into multiple games and Im sure you are as well. Some changes which have already been done is we have merged multiple teamspeak servers under our main one incorporating a community teamspeak rather then just our own separate thing. Soon our own Counter Strike Global Offensive public server will be coming online which is another exciting step for AWGN.

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