Join in on the Community, AWGN Steam Community Group Now Live.

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 For you fellow gamers who leave love that steam icon sitting in your system tray every time your machine ticks over. We have introduced our, Official Steam Community Group.
So you can be up-to-date with the AWGN Community, all while you continue to play your very favourite gaming titles.

All you need to do is login to steam and Join our group! You can do this by clicking the link above, which will automatically bring up the page for you in Steam, or can do it by simply searching for "AWGN" in the Steam Group Search area. It's that simple. We will also be broadcasting latest events on the Steam network. We will also provide admin support to people who need it if they are unable to visit our website. If we happen to be in group chat, Please pop in and have your say!

With the new Community group you now have the ability to start your own discussions, interact with fellow AWGN followers, view upcoming events and comment!

So hop on steam right now and join today!
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