Dual 7970's ASUS ARES II Multi-GPU. Cooler and Quicker than a GTX 690.

Topic: Dual 7970's ASUS ARES II Multi-GPU. Cooler and Quicker than a GTX 690. Read 1492 times

ASUS have leaked information about a new Multi-GPU card, the ARES II under the Republic of Gamers brand.

 Unlike previous multi-GPU provided by ASUS, these cards aren’t running at set speed. The ARES II video card contains two HD 7970s, running as whatever speed you choose. The video card has a base clock of 1,050MHz and 6,600MHz memory clockspeeds and whopping 6GB of 768Bit GDDR5 video ram. With storage space and clockspeeds like that, I see this card being able to handle to still handle games almost perfectly in 5 years +. With these specs, ASUS claim it will outperform a NVIDIA GTX 690 by 13%. Not bad.

Now the cooling solution on this card, ASUS claim it will run a whopping 30 degrees cooler than a 690GTX. This is due to their new innovative cooling design. Each unit will come with a hybrid liquid/air cooler. It consists of water blocks attached to the GPU and an additional 80mm cooling fan. With this sort of cooling performance, who knows what this beast could overclock too. I wish I had one of these.

The card takes up two slots. So make sure you didn't want to use that PCI slot port below your video card PCI-E Slot. Having said that I believe most gamers with performance in mind already has some kind of dual slot video card of some kind. At the moment, no hints from ASUS as to how much this will or would cost. I can see a premium "Republic of Gamers" video card isn't going to be cheap.

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