AWGN Presents - Battlefield 3 Campaign # 3 Now Open!

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AWGN Presents - Battlefield 3 Campaign # 3 Now Open!
on: January 14, 2013, 09:24:06 PM

AWGN Tournaments Presents - Battlefield 3 Campaign # 3

Ever wanted to take part in a first person shooter which actually has structured team combat? Wanted to ever feel like being in the realms of a battlefield without actually having to be in a battlefield? Have you wanted to improve your skills, meet new players or just have some awesome fun? Auswarfare Gaming Network (AWGN) is now taking sign ups for our BF3 Campaign Tournament.

What is a Campaign Tournament? Its basically two teams run by their own independent leadership. The two teams will battle it out each [DAY TO BE DECIDED] at [TIME TO BE DECIDED]. With an artificial storyline created by AWGN, both teams fight it out to reclaim their land and succeed to victory. Keeping you not only interested on the game itself, but the main goal your team needs to achieve.

Each team has its own squads made up of teams/clans and individual players who are looking to join the fight. We encourage clans to sign up and offer them the ability to sign up their team and have them placed on the same side. However which side is chosen by the admins who will do their best to equalise teams.

There is a ranking system within the tournament where players can traverse through their teams rankings and make your way to the top. Similar to an Army command system which AWGN promote to try and have a realistic battlefield experience. Players who show good leadership and skill will be promptly promoted to a higher rank and there are prizes up for grabs to reward for your skill and your dedication! So you'll feel like a winner on and off the battlefield. An exclusive medal system created by AWGN to award those players who show outstanding ability on the assigned battle time, and will have their medals shown for their mates and their fellow combatants to see on the AWGN website gaming reports and statistics.

Each battle has a maximum of 31v31 with the allocation for 2 admins spots if the server manages to fill up. AWGN has its own teamspeak server setup to cater for the event and its own game servers.

So what are you waiting for? Signup, it's free! Playing  Battlefield 3 in a structured and heavily voice communicated gameplay will make you always wanting more.

Campaign Trailer, kindly made by Timmay

 If you have any questions or you are wanting to sign up please head over to the website. Go get them Soldier.

For more information about the campaign tournament, please read, "What is the BF3 Campaign Tournament".
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Re: AWGN Presents - Battlefield 3 Campaign # 3 Now Open!
Reply #1 on: January 23, 2013, 01:06:40 PM
Can't wait.
Also I never saw Timmays video till now. Looks sweet!

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