New Battlefield 3 64 Slot Server Now Live. Popular Maps 24/7

Topic: New Battlefield 3 64 Slot Server Now Live. Popular Maps 24/7 Read 1675 times

We are pround to announce we once again have put the Popular Maps 24/7 rotation server back for Battlefield 3.

This server will be used for the upcoming tournament, however when the tournament isn't on, it will be running the list of popular map rotations with a handful of admins being able to keep the server hacker free.

We will be looking to getting the server synced with TeamSpeak so you can get automatically assigned to a teamspeak channel with your squad mates, how cool is that! So what are you waiting for? Next time you feel like a game of Battlefield 3, Hop on the most fun and secure server around.

Server Link.
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Awesome stuff...Good too hear / See.



Is there gonna be hardcore?? plzplzplzplz :)
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