How to use Battle Attendance for the Campaign

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How to use Battle Attendance for the Campaign
on: February 19, 2013, 10:08:11 PM
Where to find the battle attendance page

Simply follow the steps above. Tournament Section -> BF3 Campaign Tournament -> Battle Attendance

What you'll find on the battle attendance page

Here you will  find how many Raffle Tickets you have accumulated into the Raffle Draw for your previous attendances.
You will also find the battle details, battle maps, map modes, date, starting time, any admin comments and if you click the map images an overview of the map will show up (conquest mode only)

What else can I do here

By clicking on these image links you will set your attendance for the coming battle so your Teams Leaders can see who is coming and arrange battle plans, who is going to be flying in jets etc.

Here you can see everyone's attendance to the battle. When you set your attendance you will either see a tick or a cross beside your name instead of the question mark.

By using this tool you will help make it easier for your team to be managed and give a good indication for numbers of who can make it and who cant.

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