The Basement 2.0 Returns. New Home at AWGN!

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The Basement 2.0 Returns. New Home at AWGN!
on: May 05, 2013, 12:12:16 PM

We are proud to announce the very popular Garrys Mod Community 'The Basement 24/7' will be returning which the original community was owned by Killer and Co-owned by myself. Now with the next iteration of the community is being brought back to life again, named 'The Basement 2.0' which is coming back after a very popular demand amoungst avid Gmodders.

We are also glad to announce that the new community will now have a new home here at AWGN - The AusWarfare Gaming Network. We will be providing them their very own forum section and any other technical based resources. This together, The Basement 2.0 will be one of the most fun, safe and reliable Garrys mod community to be apart of and play.

The new Garrys Mod server will be financed by Killer, the original owner of The Basement 24/7, and it will be run by RaptorJesus. At the moment SentryCube and Myself will be working together as administrators to  help keep the community in check within the upcoming Garrys Mod Server.

Now the server isn't up as of yet, but this should hopfully happen within the next few weeks. So stay tuned!

Re: The Basement 2.0 Returns. New Home at AWGN!
Reply #1 on: May 05, 2013, 01:27:56 PM
Awesome stuff and welcome to all the community :)

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