My apology to The Basement Community.

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My apology to The Basement Community.
on: September 10, 2013, 09:36:24 PM
The reason for this post is to basically let people of the community know why The Basement 2.0 hasn't taken off.

With Battlefield 4 on the horizon, I've personally haven't had the time, or the motivation to focus on the Garrys Mod Community. The release of The Basement 2.0 was fairly rushed on my part, and my lack of experience on setting up and maintaining a Garrys mod server properly. The server wasn't set up right from the beginning, and the BuildRP mode was basically not done at all, which was the main feature I envisioned for the community. However doing such a task would take weeks if not months of fine tweaking to getting the server setup how we really wanted it to. So for this, I would like to apologize to the members of the community that was looking forward to The Basement coming back to Garrys mod and being a success like the first one was.

The community at the moment will basically be in a dormant stage until I can find a dedicated person who is familiar with running and administrating Garrys Mod servers, as I myself do not have the time for it. The other co-founder of The Basement 'killer' is also busy with other commitments with his personal life and most likely won't be able to step up to the role of setting up the server properly and administrating it on a regular basis.

So i do put forward people who are willing to take on this task to contact me. However in the mean time the Garrys mod server will remain closed.

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