Steam Holiday Sale 2013 Now On. Cheap Games from Dec 19th - Jan 3rd

Topic: Steam Holiday Sale 2013 Now On. Cheap Games from Dec 19th - Jan 3rd Read 1799 times

It's that time of year again, Steam is putting on their annual Christmas to new year deals every day starting from the 19th of December to the 3rd of Januaray 2014.

If you are like me and don't like parting with your money, only for good reasons or killer deals, then this steam sale will certainly get your wallets open, with game discounts ranging from 25% all the way up to 75% off titles! Each day they have a new set of deals, along side flash sales, which only last for 12-14 hours. So get into the Christmas spirit and buy more games for less this holiday season.

I just picked up Far Cry 3 for 8 Bucks! Cheaper than half the price!
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I just brought trine 2 for $2.50
90% off woo

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