AWGN's very own Operation Locker No Explosives server now here. Join Now.

Topic: AWGN's very own Operation Locker No Explosives server now here. Join Now. Read 1595 times

If you have the love for just close quarters combat, without having the worry of getting run over by an enemy jeep, this server is for you! We are running a Operation Locker around the clock. To reduce the amount of spaming in the server, explosive weaponry is forbidden in this server. This include, grenades, C4's, Claymores, M320, rockets and so on. However smoke grenades, stun grenades and flares are exempt from these rulings. Using explosive weaponry will result in your getting booted from the server. So don't use them!

To join visit our servers page!

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Awesome might load up BF4 and have a game or two in there :) always like Locker without explosives.

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