Razer Goliathus Speed and Control Edition Mouse Mats Reviewed.

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In this review, I will be giving a small insight on the most talked about Razer mouse pads, the Goliathus Speed and Control editions. Both these mates are  both soft pads, which are basically the only thing in common with eachother. Makeup of both textures of mouse surface make the different editions entirely different to one another.

With the similarities being very small, Both of these soft mouse pads both come with a good quality rubberised base, You will have absolutely no issues with the mouse mat moving with your hand with quick movements. It also comes with an anti fraying stitched frame, this will highly reduce the likely hook of your precious mouse surface separating from the rubberised base from below. As for the artwork on the mouse mat, I'll go into small detail below.

Razer Goliathus Speed Edition

Now lets talk about the Razer Goliathus Speed edition. I myself own the Fragged edition. My first impressions was I really liked the artwork on the mat, it's basically the Razer logo, paint splattered over the top right hand corner, the design actually looks quite nice on my desk. The second impression I have of the speed edition is when I ran my hand gently over the surface. The texture of the mouse pad is really well done, the really fine textured weave makes it super comfortable to rest and slide your hand over. The surface does have somewhat of a great and consistent glide, more so than some other traditional mouse mats. During gaming I did find this mouse mat to be quite good with my older Razer Copperhead lazer sensor, which was suffering from bad jitter on my old cloth pad, however this mouse mat made that issue somewhat less prevalent. So most lazer mice, such as my current Razer Taipan, will happily glide over this surface without any tracking issues whatsoever.

With the great glide aside, this particular mouse mat does have a few downsides. The speed edition isn't always the best in times of controlled movements, I find the mouse mat in general feels a little bit 'sticky' or 'jumpy' when trying to make those super fine corrections in your mouse movement. Some of you reading this probably can relate to that feeling on your mouse mat, especially when your mouse mad is clogged with your own body oils and debris. The speed edition mat can get dirty quite easily, most of the time you can actually see the mouse mat needing a clean, with body oils, dirt and residue on the surface. With this mouse mats fine cloth weave, the extra dirt and residue does add to 'stickyness' especially when making fine and controlled movements on the pad. Razer recommends cleaning this pad simply with a damp cloth. Unlike some other pads the speed edition does clean quite easily, however I would suggest to use some sort of detergent on it to really remove your existing body oils that have stuck to the pad over a period of time.

Razer Goliathus Control Edition

Now for the Control edition. I have myself the 2013 edition. The artwork on it is quite cool. It has a 3D image of the razer logo sitting on top of what looks like to be surface cracked terrain. The artwork is neat, however I do prefer the fragged edition over this. The rubberised mat below however looks neat, the 2013 edition comes with a fluro “razer' green bottom, which in my opinion looks really cool, too bad its something you don't look at all the time. As for the surface texture, when running you hand gently over the surface, the mouse mat does feel quite course. The mat surface has evenly spaced holes or 'dips' that cover the whole surface. This surface is initially somewhat uncomfortable, the mouse mat does have a kind of 'prickly' feeling to it when you rest your hand on it.

As for the glide? Well put it this way, considering how rough the texture does feel when you run your hand across it, the glide is absolutely stunning. Out of all the mouse mats I have ever used, the Razer Control edition would have by far smoothest mouse glide I have ever used. The mouse not only feels uber smooth with quick movements, controlled movements are now a breeze. There is no 'sticky' or 'taky' feeling to small movements, which make those headshots quite easily. Most people would think the speed edition would have the better glide, however the holes evenly spaced throughout the Control Editions surface would essentially give less contact area with the mouse feet and the surface, hence the really slick glide. This mouse mat on the other hand, may be too smooth for some people. I did find myself making small movements was so easy, that when making quick glides, the mouse mat has a tendency to keep gliding somewhat when trying to bring the mouse to a rest, so the speed edition does have a better 'stop' potential when trying to bring your mice to a halt.

There are no issues with lazer mice and tracking on the Control Edition surface, considering the rough texture, my razer taipan has absolutely no tracking issues or jitters on this surface at all. Even my old copperhead had very little jitter on the mouse mat, unlike some other traditional cloth pads.


Both mouse pads are quite good. With two very difference pad textures, the Golitahus Editions do prove useful in their own situations. I found the Speed edition extremely comfortable to use, especially for long PC sessions, while the control edition does feel a bit prickly to my lower palm after heavy use. The fine weave of the speed edition is really great, after long use of the speed edition, it turns my teflon mouse feet into mirrors. Glide however, the Control edition wins hands down. I personally have never used another mouse mat with such exceptional glide. Fine, precise & controlled movements are something that the Control edition really resonates, at the expense of mouse controllability at faster speeds. For my personal use, I'm currently using the control edition for gaming and I use my speed edition when I plan on a long duration of PC work when im not gaming as such.

Razer Golitahus Speed Edition
  • Very confortable pad, especially in long gaming and PC use sessions
  • nice glide with quick mouse stopping ability
  • Can get dirty quite easily, which effects mouse performance
  • Not always the best when making controlled movements, pad can feel 'taky' or 'jumpy' especially when dirty
Razer Golitahus Control Edition
  • Unbelievable glide. Best I've ever used
  • Controlled movements can be made with ease
  • Can be very uncomfortable for some people
  • Can be too smooth for some people, especially twitch gamers.
  • The holes within the surface easily attract forgien dust and dirt, annoying to clean.
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Re: Razer Goliathus Speed and Control Edition Mouse Mats Reviewed.
Reply #1 on: February 10, 2014, 05:17:37 PM
Nice write up leroy
I'm just using a shitty steelseries mouse pad that I have had for ages.

Re: Razer Goliathus Speed and Control Edition Mouse Mats Reviewed.
Reply #2 on: February 10, 2014, 09:19:23 PM
I used to use an old Tasmanian devil pad for ages, only until i decided to try out some gaming pads, they can make a difference when gaming in FPS.

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